Daniel G Gensler, MS, CFP®

Dan oversees the firm’s client relationships, Investment policy and financial planning services.
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Jeff Rotherham, CFP®
Director of Financial Planning

Jeff is a certified financial planner.
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Andy McNamara
Associate Wealth Advisor

Andy McNamara is an Associate Wealth Advisor with The Gensler Group.
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Chaz Fahrner, CFP®, EA
Associate Wealth Advisor

Chaz Fahrner is an Associate Wealth Advisor with The Gensler Group.
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Tashia Twardy
Director of First Impressions

Tashia Twardy is our Director of First Impressions and she enjoys helping people.
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Lorie (Cook) Perry
Branch Operations Supervisor

Lorie oversees client services, office management and compliance.
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Denise Raines
Client Services Specialist

Denise has a comprehensive knowledge of compliance, operations and client services.
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Karen Edgin

Karen is responsible for accounting, bookkeeping and payroll.
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Jadi Christiansen
Marketing Specialist

Jadi is responsible for client communication, marketing and special events.
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Strategic Partners

Mark McNary
Economic Consultant

Mark plays a dynamic role in portfolio construction and provides independent guidance on issues impacting the firm's portfolio management policies.
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