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The Financial-Life Navigator
Planning beyond the numbers.

As a total wealth manager, our solutions are client-centric, objective, and based on time-tested strategies – we enjoy client relationships measured in decades and generations.  Our Financial Life Navigator is an authentic and disciplined  planning process designed to discover, harmonize, and unconditionally empower each client to embrace their financial future with clarity and confidence.

Step 1: The Initial Consultation
Is The Gensler Group right for you?

Our journey begins with a complementary, no-obligation conversation to mutually determine if there is a good fit and to identify where we can add value. This is an opportunity for us to explain how we work, answer all of your questions, and together agree on a beneficial working relationship.

Step 2: The Discovery Meeting
Uncover your ultimate goals, dreams, and objectives.

Next we develop a deep understanding of the guideposts for each dimension of your financial-life plan. At your direction, we focus on the heart and save the financial details for later. Our intent here is to genuinely explore your goals and aspirations – the foundation for a fulfilling plan.

Step 3: The Financial Profile
Review and clarify your financial position.

Once we fully understand your vision, we turn our attention to gathering the facts and details we’ll need to craft a comprehensive, tailored financial-life plan. We collect and examine extensive information on your investments, retirement assets, business interests, liabilities, taxes, risk exposure, estate plans, and so on.

Step 4: The Planning Team Analysis
Detailed assessment by our team of specialists.

With your goals, dreams, and data in hand, we begin a confidential and rigorous analysis. Your Wealth Advisor guides the diagnostic process using a combination of subject matter specialists, expert systems, and our review board to scrutinize strategies for optimizing your plan.

Step 5: The Total Wealth Plan
Your personal roadmap and recommendations.

Once your plan options are thoroughly researched and tested, it is presentable as the map for working toward achieving your goals and dreams. Unlike one-dimensional plans, The Total Wealth Plan focuses on integrating your financial opportunities with your underlying values and purpose objectives.

Step 6: The Solutions Launch
Implement your plan, your way.

Following your approval of The Total Wealth Plan, we begin to set your agreed actions in motion for each plan recommendation. Our goal here is to provide the path for success, deploy our service team, collaborate with you, and assure execution of the plan details in a timely fashion.

Monitor: The Client Care Advantage
A lifetime relationship of monitoring, managing, adjusting, educating, and celebrating.

Cultivating the cycle of financial achievement, personal growth, and purpose fulfillment, over time, is our steadfast priority. At The Gensler Group, we uphold standards committed to tracking your progress, navigating life changes in real time, informing & inspiring, and celebrating success together.  

The Gensler Group. A Registered Investment Advisor 

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