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Essential Truths About Investing

A Guide For Managing Your Life Savings

Daniel G. Gensler/ Mark McNary
To build a nest egg for your future, you invest in the markets and expect your original pile of money to grow into a bigger pile of money. But designing a workable investment strategy (and sticking to it) is really tough.  The temptations to pick stocks and get in and out of the market abound.  You are constantly faced with the speculative chatter of the media, the earnest recommendations of friends, and the persuasive lingo of stockbrokers.  They implore you to play the market like it's a casino, and because of fear or excitement, you might even listen.  Yet, with your life savings on the line, this is a game worth sitting out.


Filled with real anecdotes and convincing historical evidence, Essential Truths About Investing, breaks down the various investment strategies and examines their inner-workings. It shows you why active investing is a loser's game and how the most reliable long-term strategy to building wealth in the markets is through broad diversification and low expenses.
Armed with Essential Truths About Investing, you will learn how to implement and maintain a sound investment strategy and avoid expensive mistakes.  Its concise and thoughtful descriptions on the array of investment vehicles will help you design a customized portfolio, whether you're a beginning investor or a seasoned financial advisor.



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