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MasterChef of Investing

Posted on: March 31, 2015

By: Jim Parker, Outside the Flags Vice President of Dimensional Fund Advisors

2014 Mid-Year Outlook

Posted on: July 1, 2014

2014 Mid-Year Outlook – LPL Research

Social Security and You: What Does the Future Hold?

Posted on: May 5, 2014

If you’re counting on Social Security to provide you with a secure retirement, think again. Social Security benefits only account for less than half of today's retirees' income. Longer life expectancies and the ...

Why Women Need to Save More Than Men

Posted on: May 5, 2014

Women often face greater obstacles when it comes to investing for retirement. On average, women work fewer years and earn less than men. This means that they have lower pension and Social Security benefits. But ...

Beware of These Retirement Pitfalls - Take Care to Avoid These Retirement Situations

Posted on: March 11, 2014

Eventually, everyone would like to find themselves at a point when they can safely and securely move into retirement. Whether or not they actually make the move, having the option to retire can offer genuine ...

Psst.. the Backdoor Route to a Roth IRA - High Earners Who Can't Contribute Have Another Way In.

Posted on: March 5, 2014

Yesterday, there was a great article in the Wall Street Journal that we would like to share with you. Here goes: